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 ASPBanner Version 8
Active Server Pages Web Application.

Web Based Banner Management & Ad Tracking Software.

ASPBanner can rotate Image Banners, Custom HTML, JavaScript. Text, and Flash Banners as well as keep detailed statistics for your advertisers. This is a Pure ASP solution and no Dll's need to be installed on the server. The power and flexibility of this product is virtually limitless.

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ASPBanner Unlimited Version 8 Pricing
ASPBanner v8 ( Single Website License )
One running install of the database and scripts and allows serving of banners to one web site in the same domain.
ASPBanner v8 ( 5 Website License )
Up to 5 running installs of the database and scripts AND/OR Serving of banners to any of the 5 sites.
ASPBanner v8 ( Server License )
Any number of running installs of the database and scripts on one network web server. You are also licensed to serve ads from the main server to as many remote websites on as many other servers as you like.
ASPBanner is a Powerful Web Based Banner Management & Ad Tracking Software System. It is feature rich, robust, and easy to use. ASPBanner makes Banner Management and Ad Tracking an easy task. ASPBanner can serve millions of banners per day under a Microsoft MSSQL installation and tens of thousands per day using MSAccess. This is pure source code written in vbscript. There are no Dll's to install on the web server. Installation under a shared hosting environment is an easy process. The web editor you use does not matter. It can be FrontPage, Dreamweaver, UltraDev, NotePad, or anything for that matter. Once ASPBanner is running inserting banners and tracking clicks on a web page is as easy as copying and pasting some code. The system even generates that code for you. With many methods to display and track banners compatibility with existing web pages is always possible. We have been in this business for over 8 years and our support forums are some of the best in the business. Do yourself a favor and buy the best priced and best running ASP Based Banner Rotation & Ad Tracking Application available. We truly believe it is the quickest and most resource friendly ASP Based Banner Rotation Solution available.
Microsoft Active Server Pages Based Web Application
Windows 95/98/NT/2000/2003/XP
Runs on IIS 4-6 and Personal Web Server as well.
Does not run on Unix Servers. Does not run on Apache Web Server.
Easy Installation. ASPBanner can be used in a virtual hosting environment that supports Microsoft ASP and Database connectivity. Most do, so just check with your hosting company. To install ASPBanner you simply upload the ASPBanner scripts to your web, you then have your hosting company set the necessary permissions on the Data folder and you are ready to use ASPBanner.
Web Based Administration for managing the users in the database. Advanced Record Cycling And Sorting Features For Web Based Administration Area. Keyword search for users and banners in the system.
Can rotate Image Banners, Custom HTML, JavaScript, Text, and Flash Banners. You can rotate anything you can think of. You can even rotate JavaScript Pop Up or Pop Under code if you like. ASPBanner Unlimited has over 7 different methods for displaying banners on your existing pages making it extremely compatible with your existing code. This is something that can be a problem with many other ASP Banner solutions out there.
Can serve banners to any type of web page extension. .asp, .aspx, .htm, html, cgi, php, you name it !! You just paste some simple code where you want banners to appear and they just show up. It couldn't be more easy.
The web editor you use does not matter. It can be FrontPage, Dreamweaver, UltraDev, NotePad, or anything for that matter. Once ASPBanner is running inserting banners in a web page is as easy as copying and pasting some code. The system even generates that code for you.
Supports Microsoft Access Database is included
Supports Microsoft SQL Server
Scripts to create the MSSQL database included.
We fully support the use of Microsoft SQL Server.
Stored Procedure Support for Microsoft SQL Server
Experimental Delayed Stats Writing Feature. Turning this on should be a decent performance boost for very busy sites. When this setting is on banners are served for long periods of time without any database access at all. Officially this feature is not guaranteed to work perfectly as it is still in testing. It may never be out of testing for that matter, It is turned off by default and the use of it is "At your own risk".
Random text can be generated in any Code Type Ad by simply inserting a special tag into your code.
<-random-> is the tag
Clone banner feature.. allows you to easily create similar banners.
JavaScript popup calendar date selectors
Ads can auto refresh and any interval you specify.
Banner Rotation Preview. Lets you visually see the current banner rotation schedule for a particular zone.
Ads can be weighed, so some ads are displayed more or less than others.
Ads can be assigned a "Zone" This allows different  Ad's to be displayed in different positions on a web page. You can label the zones how you wish.
Ad's automatically stop running based on an End Date or by an Impression Limit you set.
Ad's can be set to begin in the future by using a Start Date.
Built in file upload feature allows you to upload Banner Ads to the server via the web browser. This way you can manage your Banner Ads when from any computer with Internet Access. You can also delete any files you upload. This requires no components to be installed as it is a Pure ASP file upload solution. 
Contact Information For Users. Use this as an online contact manager. There are also 6 built in custom configurable fields you can use to store additional information for users of the system.
Email users of the system. You can email an individual user or all users at once. You could use this feature as a newsletter if you like.

Using the optional emailing features requires that one of the supported email components be installed on the web server. ASPBanner supports a huge amount of emailing components so chances are your covered.

13 different ASP email components are supported.

Bamboo Mail
Simple Mail
QuickSoft EasyMail Objects

Persists ASPEMail now supports outgoing SMTP authentication.
Simple Mail now supports outgoing SMTP authentication.
Elaborate stats for all banners in the system as well as Zone Overview Report.
4 different reports and elaborate stats for all banners, users, and zones in the system
Advertisers can monitor online statistical reports via their web browsers. Statistic are real-time and available any time. Each advertiser account is password-protected.
Forgotten password lookup feature.
"Remember me" Feature. Users have to option to have their password remembered via a cookie so they don't have to log in each time
International Date Friendly. This application will work correctly on International  servers with dd/mm/yyyy date format as well as servers with mm/dd/yyyy date format.
ASPBanner Unlimited can serve banners to any type of web page anywhere on the Internet. This means you could even set up a dedicated server to serve banner ads to your web site(s) should you need that sort of performance and separation. Under that scenario you would need to use SQL server as your database backend and you will need to purchase Multiple Licenses or a Server License.

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